SOCIACALL was founded as a consulting services group by Dwight Irving, Ph.D. and his extended network of technology professionals. The SOCIACALL network includes expertise in customer relationship training and infrastructure automation, business process and strategy development, software & hardware design and implementation, security and privacy.

With a history of innovations in privacy-centric product features, big data analysis, voice and video applications, and collaborative and innovative organization development, we can add out-of-the-box value to your business.



Dwight Irving’s professional experience began with the design and development of control, visualization and analysis software for scientific imaging. After launching two generations of instruments, Dwight moved into a senior technical role at a major financial services company where he specialized in distributed systems architecture, performance modeling and high performance services. Driven by the challenge of rich usage models, Dwight turned his attention to the communications industry with diverse roles including communications architect and sales executive at Dialogic and Intel.

Dwight's entrepreneurial activities include the founding of Crossroads Angel, a B2B social network for the performing arts, and DataBanker, the world's first personal data exchange with innovative privacy features. Dwight has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Idaho and is a member of the IEEE and Sigma Xi, the Scientific Honor Society.

Dwight is known for his high energy, and occasionally unorthodox, presentations.  His favorite topics explore the relationships between technical trends, business opportunity and human nature.