Blogger’s burnout? No way, man!

Posted on June 4, 2009 in Blog, Clean tech, Entrepreneur, Social networking | 0 comments

By Dwight Irving

Another long pause between blogs. < sigh… >

I’ve been very busy working towards launch at, with our first live event on July 9th at the Black Potatoe Music Festival in Clinton, NJ. It looks like (barring a meltdown of the development process) we’ll be ready to sign up our initial batch of members at the festival, and give away some branded merch.

I’d like to describe a bit more, but it’s not in me to try to hype something that I can’t show you. Instead, I’ll just repeat the basic description that is a B2B social network for the performing arts industry. There is an emphasis on B2B that I believe is lacking in our potential competitors, and that is where our opportunity lies. Mining the aggregated network activity will be the basis for providing marketing services to businesses in that industry. Member privacy and “trust” are extremely important to the social business model, so anonymized / aggregated data will be the basis for quantitative methods.

I’ll be back to blogging regularly soon. I have somethings to say about how the OASIS Blue Initiative is driving the home energy applications of the future, and how the energy service providers want to control your fridge. What next, we rent our appliances from the power company? Remind you of anything? Hmm?

If I don’t post earlier, I’ll definitely be back on the blog patrol when goes live in the next couple of weeks.